First Time Visitor? Everything You Need to Know!

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– Hal Rod

About The Magazine

Costa Pacifica LIVING has been in business for 4 years this August. The purpose of the magazine is to provide readers information about the area Costa Ballena; Sharing insider’s perspectives about Lifestyle, Investment & Travel in Costa Rica and the Southern Pacific Zone.The magazine has grown from 2,000 copies to our latest edition of 12,000 copies which are now nationally distributed. We are growing each year and plan to continue this growth for many years to follow. The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is a great place to live, an awesome community to take part of and an investment opportunity unlike no other, and we intend to show you why!

The publication’s aim is to entice and inspire readers to learn more about living in the tropics. Is the dream possible? Of course it is! We showcase lifestyles and homes that highlight what people are doing and how they are doing it, answering some of those tricky questions and providing further resources that can help you find your own answers.

We want to inspire all readers to create their own dream vacation, home and their dream life ~ PURA VIDA awaits!

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Things To Know About Costa Rica

If you are coming to Costa Rica for the first time and looking for some things to do check out our travel & surf page.

  • Costa Rica is primarily a Spanish speaking country.
  • In Costa Ballena there are many great National parksbeaches and waterfalls where you and your family can go explore during your stay here.
  • Make sure to budget for tours and recreational activities- ranging from $50-$150 per person.
  • U.S Dollars are readily accepted.
  • Another things that you should know is the Tide Charts- for avid surfers knowing the tide level is key to a great surf day.
  • Be sure to bring lots of bug spray and sunscreen- due to the amount of bugs that habit in Costa Rica during the rainy season.
  • Costa Rica
  • For visitors coming to Costa Rica for the first time, it is good to know that the tap water is safe to drink.
  • There is an abundance of wildlife throughout the country. Don’t be surprised if you see or hear monkeys, sloths, or birds from your hotel, they are everywhere.
  • Costa lives a Pura Vida lifestyle- and will greet you with the most welcoming time!