Pavones is more for the action and thrill seekers and lies two hours South from Golfito. It is heaven for expert surfers, as it has the longest left point break in the world. Therefore, Pavones is not just only a surfer town like so many others here in Costa Rica. The area is home to one of the best, longest waves in the world. And not to forget, the dense rainforest nearby offers diverse wildlife as well.

What not to miss in Pavones?

It is a must for expert surfers and the ones who like the challenge. On a good south swell you can ride a single wave for more than three minutes. Thus, it is no wonder that surfers describe Pavones as the best surfing spot on the Pacific side of Central America. To experience the best surf here, come during rainy season that lasts from April to November. Even though it is more challenging to reach the area due to high river levels, it will be worth it!

Not that into surfing? Don’t worry. Pavones would not a part of Costa Rica, if there weren’t plenty of other things to do and see around. The most popular activities are horseback riding through the forest and along the beach or go sport fishing. You can also take part in a canopy tour or just go hiking in the rainforest. And even if you don’t plan to surf, you can still just simply relax at the long beach and take a relaxing sunbathe.

How to get to Pavones?

The remote town is located 15 km south of Playa Zancudo and about 400 km away from San José. When planning your travel to Pavones, orientate by the transportation options of Golfito. Once you arrived there you need to go on by car for about two more hours.