Playa Dominical

You know you are in Dominical when consistent waves meet a laid-back lifestyle and a feeling like during an old-time hippie festival. With its reliable year-round break Dominical has envolved to some sort of mecca for the Central American surfer community. Though it lies only a few hours of car riding away from touristy destinations as Manuel Antonio and Jacó, Playa Dominical is not as overcrowded.

Surfing at Playa Dominical

Surfing Beaches at the Pacific

Photo by Costa Rica Surf Camp

Dominical is the gateway to Costa Ballena and opens this beautiful coast way with a 2.5 mile (4 km) long strip of beach. As much as the beach offers a great surf, as much do you have pay attention to yourself while swimming. There are warning signs on the beach caution swimmers of riptides – and these signs are there for a reason.

Open to the Pacific ocean waves can get up to 10 feet (3 meters) high. Therefore, the surf in Playa Dominical is best suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. But with one of the plenty diving instructors that are located in Dominical, even bloody starters get good chances to catch a wave. The surf schools will know the best spot that suits your level.

Another ritual that locals share with the tourist beneath the daily surf is watching the sunset. Seeing the sun sink into the wide of the ocean with pro surfers showing off their skills in the background is on the thing you should not miss in Dominical.

How to get to Dominical

There are two routes for driving by car to Dominical. The one you follow by driving west from San José to the coast, then south through Jacó and Quepos. From there on you follow the coast way south.

If you are coming from the east or south side of San Jose, you would take the Interamerican Highway route over to San Isidro. When you arrive there you can continue following the signs west to Dominical.