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July 10, 2017
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July 10, 2017

Costa Rica is an amazing place to live with such a variety of waves to treat yourself to a barrel ride or an amazing beach break. We have some of the most consistent waves in the world especially in the southern zone, where I live. The Ballena Coastline has one of the longest coastlines in Costa Rica offering plenty of reefs, beaches, and right & left hand point breaks for all levels of experience.

One of my most favorite waves in the southern zone is Cabo Matapalo. You can surf three different amazing right hand breaks in one day and than walk the beach to see the Scarlet McCaw’s hanging in the trees. My dad and I call them chicken of the jungle for the load noises they make.

Playa Dominical my home break is my favorite spots in the country.  Dominical is one of the most consistent breaks in all of Costa Rica and when the swells hit I really like to paddle out to get barrels.  Dominical is my home break and I surf there one or two times daily when home. I also enjoy having some secret reef spots in our area that I surf with friends when swells hit to avoid the crowds.

My favorite spot in the world today is Lances Right in Indonesia where I went last year with my dad. This wave broke over a shallow reef that they called the “Surgeon’s Table” because you would come out of a barrel right into a section of dry coral reef. This was one of the scariest waves I have ever surfed but it was amazing to surf at 8 years old. The picture below one from one of the biggest days we surfed it.


Written by Ethan Hollander 


Ethan is a 9 year old surfing living in Playa Dominical, Costa Rica. Ethan competes competitively at the national level and travels the world surfing in the off season. His sponsors include Pyzel Surfboards, Wooster Surfboards Costa Rica, Coldwell Banker Dominical, Coldwell Banker Costa Rica, Fuego Brewery, Cafe Mono Congo, Jungle Mamas Suntan Lotion, Imagination Media, and Diego Naranjo high performance surf coaching.


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