Marino Ballena National Park

Most commonly know for the famous Whale tail, Marino Ballena is one of the newest National Parks in Costa Rica. The park contains the largest coral reed on the Pacific side. The park is just outside of Uvita. Marino Ballena is a great place for families to come relax on the beach, soak up the sun, and take a swim.

What to do here?

The water just off the shore of the beach is a great place for tourists to snorkel or scuba dive, due to the fact that the park is mostly oceanic. The beach inside Marino Ballena is a protected area, making hunting of any marine life prohibited. Tourists can see a wide variety of marine life while snorkeling or diving.

During the months of June-September, visitors at the Marino Ballena beach are able to enjoy the show of Humpback whales and dolphins migrating through the waters. It is an incredible sight that everyone should experience once.

The entrance fee to enter the park is $6, but being able to see the wide variety of marine life, while also being able to relax on a beautiful beach is definitely worth the money.