Hermosa means beautiful, which describes this gorgeous beach perfectly. Playa Hermosa lies between Uvita and Dominical, right in the centre of two hustling surf towns of Costa Ballena. However, it is not be confused with the Playa Hermosa south of Jacó. It usually fills up at the weekend, but it is not comparable to other crowded beaches at the Pacific.

Waves break from chest high to overhead at Punta Achiote. The small rocky land bridge at the north end of Playa Hermosa juts out into the ocean. With a perfect tide you can explore a shallow cove nearby. This place is never crowded.

Surfing Beaches at the Pacific

Photo by David Harris

What to do at Playa Hermosa / Punta Achiote?

Like most of its neighbor beaches, Playa Hermosa is a popular meeting point of the surfer community. It has a less powerful and smaller wave than Dominical while providing a good break. Beginners and intermediate level surfers catch the waves best at the middle and southern part of the beach. Advanced surfers can come closer and closer to the northern end and therefore Punta Achiote.

It is recommendable to bring some food with you when visiting this beach, because it is a little remote. But at the same time you have to try the food from the fresh fruit and ‘ceviche’ stands at the entrance.

How to get to Playa Hermosa / Punta Achiote

Because of its remote location it is pretty easy to miss. Therefore, pay attention to the street on your way to here. You have to watch out for a dirt road that is kind of hidden by the coastal jungle. It will lead you directly to the beach and the parking spot.