Playa Tortuga

Located a short way away from Ojochal, Playa Tortuga is home to beautiful soft sand, and a great place for visitors to come enjoy a sunny day. With the Rio Terraba entering the ocean, playa Tortuga is a great place for walking along the beach. Where the river mouths of the Ojochal hills meet the ocean and home to Reserva Playa Tortuga, a not for profit organization that aims at educating locals and visitors about the conservation of wildlife.


Tortuga South

This beach offers a unique habitat for sea turtles. Every year Olive Ridley Sea Turtles migrate to Costa Rica to hatch their nests. In 2016, Playa Tortuga South was home to a nesting Leatherback Sea Turtle the earth’s most ancient and largest living reptile. For just a small fee, Panga style boats will transport you across the ‘Rio Terraba’ to ‘Isla Garza’. This small island, named after a small White Heron, is a relaxing, sunny way to spend a day. Therefore, on this secluded island, you will definitely feel whisked away!


Tortuga North

Playa Tortuga North is a rock cliff and a few caves where during low tide you can walk through as see the other side of the cliff. With the beautiful wild beach almost untouched by humans provides a perfect getaway for visitors to come watch the sunset and have a panoramic view of the mountains that lie behind the ocean. Although swimming is allowed its not advised, as it is near the mouth of the river and dangerous undertows and riptides occur here.