Playa Ventanas

Pacific Nature Attractions

Surrounded by large rocks and jungle, the small bay Playa Ventanas is an exquisitely beautiful beach. A line of many coconut palms provides shade along the beach, while the ocean invites you to cool down in the water with an impressive view on the green jungle backdrop and rocky coast.
The highlight of Playa Ventanas and the actual reason for its name can only be revealed by the low tide. As the waves become smaller, the water exposes two caves which lead to the other side of the rocks like two huge windows (‘ventanas’ in Spanish), hence the name. Explorers can enter the caves and experience a sense of adventure when the dark water powerfully comes in and out, creating a thundering echo that reminds you of the impressive power of the ocean. Not only will children feel like they have become pirates exploring these caves.

After this little adventure, a few small stands offer ceviche, pipas and snacks for refreshment. Nonetheless, Playa Ventanas is a rather quiet beach, just far enough away from the city to make you feel as being surrounded only by wilderness and nature. A perfect mix of relaxing and exploring during a sunny day.

Playa Ventanas is also favored by many local families, which is always a good sign. Therefore, the beach might be busy during the weekends, but in the large shade of the coconut palms, everyone will still find enough space to enjoy this beautiful beach and its unique atmosphere.

How to get to Playa Ventanas:

The beach can be reached either by bus or by car.

There a several signs on the Costanera Highway indicating the beach, which entrance is located at the KM 176 marker.

Parking is available just a few steps behind the beach for $2 / person. During the green season, the road may be difficult in places so that a 4 vehicle drive is recommended.

Taking a local bus, you get off at the turnoff to Playa Ventanas and need to follow the road for a 15 minutes’ walk leading directly to the beach.