Chirripo National Park

For those looking for a hiking adventure, visit Chirripó National Park. This is one of Costa Rica’s wilder national parks; much of the rugged terrain has been protected from development and exploitation by its inaccessibility. Settled along the heart of the Talamanca Mountain Range in the south central Costa Rica, Chirripo National Park consists of over 100,000 acres. Which provides one of the best opportunities to test your hiking abilities. Cerro Chirripó Grande, the highest peak in Costa Rica, boasts a height of 3,820 meters and takes two days to reach. Once climbed, on clear days, you are able to see from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast simultaneously. While many visitors are attracted by the challenge of conquering the summit, it is also suitable for the day traveler.

About Chirripo

The abundant wildlife and natural beauty cannot be overlooked, permanent lakes with clear blue waters are featured. Fittingly, Chirripó takes its name from the Talamanca Indian word meaning “Place of Enchanted Waters”. Visitors can enter the park, by going to the ranger station between 5am-5pm, south of San Gerardo de Rivas. Although advanced reservations are required; if you are fortunate a permit could be issued at the station.

What to do?

Many tourists come to take on the challenge of hiking up Cerro Chirripo Grand. While many are attracted by the challenge, the journey can be as exhilarating as the accomplishment. Therefore, if you want to attempt the climb, be prepared. Don’t forget to pack lots of water, food, sleeping bags, and any other items you will need to prepare food or more water. Also wear layers.

However, if the hike doesn’t leave you breathless, the view definitely will.